How Much Does Baby Delivery Cost?

Because of the wide range of issues concerning child birth, the cost for something like this can only be estimated.  There are many things that can have an effect on the actually cost, such as whether it was a vaginal birth or Cesarean, whether or not there were any kind of complications, whether or not the mother received an epidural, whether the mother’s room is private or shared, and many other factors.  Although the cost of some of these things can be discussed before the birth of the baby, others can only be guessed and the total bill may be much different from what you expected.

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  1. Renee paid $ and said:

    Our individual health insurance plan unfortunately didn’t cover baby delivery costs. Instead, we had to pay out of pocket. I live in Ohio, and had to pay the following:

    $3,200 for OB/GYN
    $1,500 for blood tests
    $550 for 2 ultrasounds
    $9,500 for hospital / natural delivery (2 nights)
    $2,200 for baby

    If you call up the hospital, 9 times out of ten they will take 20-30%+ off the price.

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