How Much Does Baby Formula Cost?

Although most experts still say that breastfeeding is best, they also say that formula is a perfectly acceptable substitute.  Many moms are unable to breastfeed for many different reasons, so formula may be the only option.  When planning to have a baby, the cost of feeding the child should be taken into consideration.

Cost of baby formula:

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  1. Judy paid $ and said:

    I get my baby formula at Costco and it only costs me $16. My baby was able to adapt right away. If you can go this route, it will save you a ton of money!

  2. jayme paid $ and said:

    its 152 for 8 cans of powder that doesnt last a month. So one can a week is a far fetched idea. Goodluck

  3. Samantha paid $ and said:

    I partially breast feed my baby and a smaller can of powdered formula lasts me a week just about if she was solely drinking formula she’d probably go through two a week

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