How Much Does Bleach Cost?

Bleach is a type of chemical that removes color, whitens, as well as disinfect different materials via the process of oxidation.  Bleach has many household uses and can accomplish many different tasks.  First, if you have spilled something on a white article of clothing or other material, bleach can help you remove it.  Regular laundry detergent will help the stain to fade but will not get rid of completely like bleach can.  However, this use of bleach can also be a negative.  Bleach can be used to strip a piece of material of color.  This is why it works so well to remove stains from white, but it can also be detrimental to any article of clothing that has color.  Another use of bleach is to remove germs and other harmful substances from surfaces.  Most household cleaners contain some type of bleach since it is such a good cleaning agent.  Dishwasher detergent may also contain bleach to give your dishes that extra shine.


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