How Much Does CGC Grading Cost?

The CGC, or the Certified Guarantee Company, was established as a way to grade the value of comin books.  Comic books are often looked at as a reading material for kids.  However, like toys manufactured in the past, a comic book’s value increases over time.  Many people purchase toys which they think may be collector’s items some day and simply keep them unopened to preserve that; this is the same way and reason why people may collect comic books.  Several factors can ruin a comic book since they are made only of paper: time, humidity and temperature are some of the factors that can affect the quality and durability of a comic book.  Due to these factors, there have been some issues in the grade or quality of comic books and their value.  Sellers would want to put high value in their comics while buyers would definitely want to get it at a cheaper price.  The CGC is responsible for grading the shape and quality of comic books people are trying to sell.  If an avid collector is looking to purchase a comic book from you, having a high grade from the CGC can almost guarantee you a sale, and possibly allow you to charge more for your items.

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  1. Maryam paid $ and said:

    It’s possible you didn’t get many bids besauce your comics aren’t that rare or valuable, or you didn’t provide the information people look for when they buy comics from eBay, or perhaps you had a starting/reserve price that was unrealistic.eBay really is the standard way to go. You can also try craigslist so you can find interested buyers in your area who can pick the books up and hand you cash, that way you don’t have to deal with shipping or online money transfers. Or take them to your local comic book store. Unless your comics are from before 1975, any other method of selling is rarely worth all the trouble Was this answer helpful?

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