How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

Embroidery is an enhancement done to a piece of fabric to make it more personalized or decorative.  Fabric is the raw material of the clothes that we wear, the sheets that we cover our bodies with, or the runner that we place on top of our table.  If these fabrics have no designs or colors, they can be boring since they will be plain and monotonous.  This is the reason that people add designs to the fabric.  Some may put paint on the fabric, but others choose one of the oldest methods of designing fabric which is known as embroidery.  By definition, embroidery is the art of decorating fabric using needles and yarn.  Embroidery uses basic techniques of stitching and this has been the basis for modern embroidery.  The reason that this used to be the most common way of enhancing fabric is that people could do it by hand rather than needing machinery.  Today, embroidery is done by a machine, but the process and idea is the same.

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