How Much Does Flour Cost?

Flour is one of the main components in bread and all bread related products. Bread is one of the staple foods in almost all countries.  There are many different types of bread depending on the culture and its preferences, but each type begins with the simple ingredient of flour.  Flour is made by grinding up different types of cereal grains.  Because flour is used so much in all different countries, the availability of this product has become a political and economic concern.  There are different types of flour, and the one you use may depend on the end-product you desire.  First, flour can be either bleached (white flour) or unbleached (more brown in color).  The difference between the two is that bleached flour has had the germ and bran removed.  Second, plain flour, or all-purpose flour, does not have a leavening agent.  This type of flour is used in the most common recipes such as bread and cookies.  Finally, flour can be enriched; this means that the nutrients that are lost in the making of flour are replaced.  You can get flour that is a combination of these components, such as plain white enriched flour.

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