How Much Does Google TV Cost?

Google TV is a an open-platform that augments the power of Internet to television viewing experience and has been developed by Google in partnership with Intel, Sony and Logitech.  Over the past decade, the Internet has created an unparalleled opportunity for innovation and development worldwide, but this has hugely been absent on the TV screens.  The initial Google TV offerings do come from Logitech and Sony.  The Google TV devices are currently in stores.

It can be seen to be a transitional device.  Soon, chances are high that no one will get their content from TVs.  Most consumers are already looking for ways to avoid pricey cable subscriptions, and so media companies are reviewing their strategies for placing content online.  There are two main Google TV set top boxes from which you can choose: the Logitech Revue and the Sony NSZ-GT1.  The combination of Intel processor and Google TV platform creates a truly Smart TV which seamlessly integrates the content from an existing TV service provider (such as DirecTV and Comcast), the entire Internet, as well as personalized apps for games, movies and music.


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