How Much Does Grass Seed Cost?

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Grass seed is necessary in many situations, even though grass grows naturally in most places.  Maybe you have just built a home and need to reseed the yard from all the construction.  Or maybe there is a spot in your yard that has been damaged and needs to be replenished.  One thing is for sure – your home will not look finished without a nice yard of green grass.  There are many benefits to grass, and these go beyond simply providing a nice view of nature.  Grass protects us and the environment by removing storm water runoff, absorbing water into the soil to restore our ground water supply, and by catching pollutants and removing the same with their fibrous root systems.  In addition, if you have children who love to play outdoors, a lush of green grass provides a cushion against bruises and bumps.  Grass provides a great place to play.


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