How Much Does Origami Owl Cost?

The Origami Owl is a direct sales company founded by a 14-year old Isabella Weems, who just dreamed of buying her own car for her 16th birthday.  Using her own babysitting money plus a subsidy from her parents, Weems started making custom charm jewelry and sharing her creations through home party venues.

Since then, her personal business expanded quickly, and as demands for her custom charms grew, Weems turned to other independent female designers to bring the very best and unique custom jewelry to her parties.  By doing so, she did not only avail of the services of the independent designers, but she also gave them the opportunity to establish their own business.  This type of business is of the same type as Mary Kay or Pampered Chef, but has to do with jewelry instead of make-up or cooking items.

The main item for which the Origami Owl is known is the living locket.  This is a necklace that can be put together and personalized for each individual, using the same concept as a Pandora bracelet.  Most people have seen a living locket before, but may not have known what it was called or where they could get one.

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