How Much Does Pea Gravel Cost?

Pea gravel is a type of gravel that consists of tiny round stones.  This type of gravel is used on landscaping projects such as a new walkway or can even be used as a driveway.  Pea gravel can also be found in fish aquariums.  The cost of pea gravel is going to depend on the amount of gravel purchased as well as the company selling it.

How much does pea gravel cost?

Type of Pea Gravel
Price per Ton
$50 to $65
$70 to $90
$70 to $90
Egg Rock (White or Brown)
$60 to $90
Mini Slate
$60 to $75
Trail Mix
$60 to $75
$50 to $70

NOTE:  1 ton of rock can usually  cover around 70 to 110 square feet if it’s 2 inches deep.  It will greatly depend on the type of rock.

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