How Much Does Pulled Pork Cost?

Pulled pork refers to the tender meat from a pork shoulder cut.  It can literally and easily be pulled apart from the roast with your finger or a fork.  Pulled pork is divided in two parts: one is the butt end and the other is the shank end.  By butt, it does not literally mean the actual butt of the pig.  Rather, it is so-called “butt” portion because it is that portion located in the rear end of the shoulder.  Consumers prefer this part because it has fewer bones and less connective tissue.  The shank portion, on the other hand, is so called because of its shank bone.  Although it makes delicious pulled pork, you can readily notice that the shank part has a bit different texture and contains more connective tissue.  This makes the pulled pork a little more tough and harder to chew.  Pulled pork is usually served with different types of sauces and is used to make sandwiches.


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