How Much Does Sealcoating Cost?

Sealcoating a driveway is the process of applying a sealant to an asphalt driveway as a way to maintain it.  It is recommended that you get your driveway sealcoated every one to two years.  Asphalt can crack and crumble over time, especially if it is not level.  Most of the deterioration of a driveway is caused by water.  If there is an area in the driveway that holds water, or if water somehow seeps underneath the driveway, cracks can appear.  In extreme cases, the asphalt can even crumble altogether.  Sealcoating can help protect your driveway from this type of water damage.  Sealcoating is usually done in the summer months, but can be done as early as May or as late as October.  Most sealcoating companies are small and privately-owned so there are generally very many companies to choose from in each area.  This allows you to shop around until you find a company you like.  Some things to consider when checking prices are the type of sealcoat, how the sealcoat is applied, how many cracks there are in the driveway, the square footage, and if any repairs are needed.

How much is it?

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How many cracks does your driveway have?

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How can I compare prices?

Average Reported Cost: $2000

  1. FRM paid $ and said:

    My driveway is only about 12-15 feet long, and 7-8 feet wide. It isn’t anything big. I paid a little more than $100 to have them come and sealcoat. They did a great job and took them a few hrs.

  2. JEG (Greenwood, Abbeville,SC) paid $$672 and said:

    I looked into pricing ALOT! Your pricing appears to be for LARGE parking lot sizes.

    I saw pricing for small jobs all the way up $.50 per ft-sq. That included substancial over growth removal and crack filling. The more Sq feet the cheaper per Ft-sq.

    I typically saw $.10 – $.16 for just sealing a residential Drive way. You could easily double that if you needed edging and crack cleaning-sealed.

    Was it worth it: Yes

  3. george (allentown,pa) paid $4000$ and said:

    my driveway has 4000 sq. ft. they charged me a dollar a foot. it was the best investment ive ever made they also put three coats on it. the gypsies do the best work. they told me i got suved good? i didnt know what that ment but i agreed

    Was it worth it: Yes

  4. Sabrina paid $ and said:

    Sq ft 29585 parking lot , so it was 0.10 cents a sq ft. looks great . I paid for a stripe $ 4.00 and had 29 lines and 3 handicap 2 handicap van lines that cost $ 100.00 stripe was $ 116 , so my total cost was $ 3,174 and double coated , I thought it was a good prices

  5. Andy tellfair paid $ and said:

    I have 5,500 sqft driveway I paid 7,500$ for a crack fill and seal but they put 2 coats on it and then when they were finished they offered the third for just a little more my driveway look horrid when they started and beautiful when they finished very happy and no it wasn’t this company I live in ca I hired a contractor that stoped by my house one day

How much did you spend?

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