How Much Does Tattoo Ink Cost?

When thinking about a tattoo the first thing one might think about is the color or ink. This is what brings any tattoo to life.  The ink is the depth and personality of the tattoo.  The next thing one might consider is the cost of the ink.  That cost is a considerable factor in the total cost of the tattoo.  While they may think about it, most people who get tattoos do not give the price of the ink a second thought since this is rolled into the price that they were quoted for the tattoo.  The people who do need to be concerned about the price of tattoo ink are the tattoo artists.  If you own your own tattoo shop, you will have to think carefully about the price that you charge people to get a tattoo.  Some things that you may need to consider are paying employees (or yourself), the time it takes to do a tattoo, and how much ink a tattoo will take to complete.


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