How Much Does Wii Repair Cost?

Wii repair is a term used to describe any type of adjustment or replacement of parts on the Nintendo Wii.  All things mechanical and electronic are bound to malfuntion occasionally.  Just like other electronics, the Nintendo Wii, one of the nation’s most popular video game consoles, can have its problems.  Depending on the problem, many owners question whether it is better to purchase a new unit or to have it repaired.  The cost to repair a Nintendo Wii will greatly vary depending upon the problem and the company performing the job.

How much does wii repair cost?

Professional Price Range
DVD Drive
If games take longer to load, the game won’t insert anymore or read errors are noticed.
$75 to $150
Laser Lens
If the game is having read errors, or it’s taking longer to load.
$40 to $75
Tool Kit
Includes all screwdrivers and parts required to open up and work on the Wii
$5 to $15

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