How Much Does a Human Rabies Shot Cost?

A rabies shot for a human being is generally offered to those that are planning on traveling outside of the United States.  Many Doctors, as well as health experts will recommend that you get this shot as a precaution to many of the foreign diseases in countries such as Asia, and more.  Also, it may be required that veterinarians, animal handlers, lab workers and more may also be require to receive this vaccination.

How much does the rabies vaccine cost?

What is going to be included?

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Average Reported Cost: $14

  1. peter millette paid $ and said:

    I was charged 5000 dollars for initial shots then 300 dollars each for 4 follow ups

  2. Christina Erickson paid $ and said:

    My doctor sent me to Emergency and charged $8,975 just for the Immunoglobulin shot and the first dose. Don’t let cost deter you: your life depends on it.

  3. Jill (Bettendorf,Iowa) paid $14,500.00 and said:

    My insurance company was billed $14,500.00 for my series of vaccines. Saw one ER Doctor for 5 minutes. Furious!

    Was it worth it: Yes

  4. Carlos paid $ and said:

    Valley Baptist Hospital $14,500
    Thailand $8

  5. Joshua Matthews paid $ and said:

    I do not have health insurance and this was for the initial visit at a walk in clinic, not an emergency room. Since I have to pay cash, they are willing to settle this bill for $10k but the total bill with the other 3 visits will be $14k. I am just dumbfounded. This is a vaccine that’s been around for over 100yrs. How is it different than a flu vaccine that they have to recreate year after year to fight new strains???

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