How Much Does an Islet Cell Transplant Cost?

An islet cell transplant is one of the new options to help diabetics cope with their disease.  For so long, insulin has been the perpetual recourse to control type 1 diabetes.  But medical scientists are constantly studying alternative solutions that can effectively manage the increasing blood sugar problem and just recently, they came up with the islet cell transplant.

An islet cell transplant involves taking out beta islet cells from a healthy donor pancreas and moving them to a type 1 diabetic patient.  Once implanted and the recipient’s immune system accepts the foreign body, it is hoped that the islet cell will work to produce and release insulin so that the patient may be able to cope with his deficiency.

It should be noted, however, that at present there is still a limited supply of islet transplant, and medical professionals admit that they cannot readily apply the procedure to every diabetic patient.  Besides, the cost of the procedure is still prohibitive to many, if not most, patients.

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