How Much Do Knitting Needles Cost?

A knitting needle is the tool used to hand knit while creating knitted fabrics.  These needles will have a long shaft with a taper at the end, and even though it has the word “needle” in it, it won’t be as sharp as a sewing needle.  These needles come in various sizes determined by the diameter and length.  The larger the diameter is, the larger the stitch will be.

Vine Yoke Yoke Detail by happyskrappy, on Flickr
Vine Yoke Yoke Detail” (CC BY 2.0) by  happyskrappy

How much is it?

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  1. Needle Gauge
  2. Knitting needle case
  3. Small tape measure
  4. Stitch markers
  5. Thread cutter or point protected scissors
  6. Crochet hook
  7. Darning needle

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