How Much Does Laptop Backlight Repair Cost?

Over time, a laptop screen can lose its brightness and clarity through constant use.  But unlike living things that are irreplaceable, a laptop’s backlight can be repaired and replaced with a new bulb or inverter.  Without this backlight, the screen would not be visible in the dark.  It may also be very hard to see when in very bright light.  A backlight helps the user to be able to see the screen with ease no matter what the surrounding environment is like.

Most often, the problem of laptop screen going dark does not readily call for an LCD screen replacement, which can be very costly.  Rather, a repair on the inverter or the backlight is all that is needed.  Installing a brand LCD screen may be done only if repair were not possible anymore.  In that case, it may be time to simply purchase a new laptop.  If only the backlight needs to be replaced, however, the cost of repair may be worth it.


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