How Much Does Luminess Airbrush System Cost?

Air makeup is an all-natural, water-based product that offers natural colors that are preservative free, fragrance free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. Those with sensitive skin have found fantastic results that help them achieve a smooth appearance that does not irritate their skin.  Because it is applied in a very fine mist, wearers have said it feels like they do not even have makeup on at all.

The ability for makeup to be flawlessly and easily blended makes airbrushed makeup quite appealing.  The same cannot be said for traditional liquid and powder foundations that need to be applied with sponges, brushes, or fingertips.  In fact, nothing except the makeup itself ever touches the wearers face.  When properly applied, this coverage can last as long as eighteen hours and still look as fresh as the moment it was first done.  If you have been struggling to find a makeup that works for your skin type and skin tone, Air makeup might be the answer your searching for.  However, you will need to purchase the application system in order to apply this makeup.

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