How Much Does Luxating Patella Surgery Cost?

A luxating patella is a condition in which the kneecap dislocates or shifts from its natural position.  While this does happen in humans, it is most often seen in dogs. If you happen to own a dog, it might have medical problems such as popping of the kneecaps due to their very flat patella ridges.  The poor thing might then have a hard time moving its legs because of this type of condition.  As such, your veterinarian might require your dog to undergo a luxating patella surgery to address its medical condition.  A luxating patella is one of the five most common genetic problems that is found in dogs.  While this may be somewhat expensive, it will greatly improve your dog’s quality of life and can therefore make you life easier as well.  Caring for a dog that has medical issues can be very inconvenient.

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