How Much Do Maltipoo Puppies Cost?

A Maltipoo is a hybrid of a Maltese and Poodle breed.  This can be considered quite a combination since both breeds are toy and show dogs at the same time.  The price for Maltipoo puppies varies depending on the age of the dog as well as the gender.  Different people from the United States sell puppies and the pricing of the puppies can be up to their personal discretion.

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  1. Aalyah paid $ and said:

    He’s worth every penny. He’s perfect so sweet and cute.

  2. Bella paid $ and said:

    Saved her from the Humane society and she came with all of her vaccinations, a microchip and spayed. She looks more like a poodle with a small face and long legs. But has the cute mess of the Maltese too mellow out her facial features. I’m absolutely in loved with her.

  3. Jessica paid $ and said:

    I did not pay because I had a pure bred Maltese & Miniature Poodle . Successfully Cross Bred & Now have fun,cute,smart Maltipoos ! They’re worth every dollar & love all types of toys & get well with other dogs . Coat cleaning is highly recommended because they do love to play all dog & party all night . They do need much attention ! Have that in mind . Ther love toys as I said but I mean they consider many things toys!(my husbands socks) But other than that , I Highly recommend this dog because it is highly fashionable & will make you smile everyday as you see his/her face .

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