How Much Does the Myers Briggs Test Cost?

A Myers Briggs test is a personality test in its simplest definition.  Inspired by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s publication of Psychological Types, Katharine Cook Briggs decided to develop a personality assessment which would later become the most widely used in the world. Together with her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, they produced the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality inventory now used yearly by around two million people in the government sector, educational institutions, and businesses.  The inventory test comes in the form of psychometric questionnaire meant to gauge people’s psychological preferences and on how they see the world and how they make decisions.

From the simple idea that every person fits into one of the 16 personality types, MBTI is able to spawn a lucrative business that has steadily grown over the years.  Although at its core it is simply a test, the results of the test are read and analyzed by a licensed professional, who will then consult with you regarding different routes you could go.

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