How Much Does an OB GYN Visit Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 7, 2018

The OB-GYN has two surgical medical specialties that deal with the female patient’s reproductive organs during their pregnant or nonpregnant state.  Most doctors suggest a visit to the OB-GYN on an annual basis to make sure they are healthy, just like a physical exam.  The price for an OB-GYN visit depends on the procedure that the physician will perform, where the OB-GYN is located and your insurance.

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How much does an OB-GYN visit cost?

On average, a simple basic OB-GYN visit can cost anywhere from $0 if it’s a preventive visit with insurance to $350 without insurance.  If you have health insurance, there is a good chance your visits will be covered, especially if it’s a preventative visit such as a having a pap smear.  If this were the case, you would only be responsible for your deductible and co-pay.

One of the most common tests done at an OB-GYN is a pap smear.  This test, which is a screening to detect pre-cancerous cells in the cervix, could cost anywhere from as little as $100 to more than $500 to process the test.  Planned Parenthood, for instance, charges about $175 for an all-inclusive exam.  If it’s simply an annual exam, which goes into detail mentioned below, the costs will fall within the range mentioned above. did a study and found OB-GYN visits could range anywhere from as little as $0 to as much as $300, depending on the geographical location and the age of the patient.

According to, the price for an OB-GYN visit can be anywhere from $90 to $500.  Recurring visits, which could bring the costs up, may be necessary depending on the condition of the patient.

Forum members on chimed in and members said they paid anywhere from $130 for a basic visit without lab fees to as much as $294.

OB-GYN visit overview

Depending on the attending physician, the services that will be included can be very different since every situation will vary.  Although the initial services such as diagnosis are included with the payment for the service, an OB-GYN may refer you to a different doctor or specialist to get additional testing done.  With most preventative visits, however, these visits can include an annual pap smear or it may also include the start of a pregnancy.

An annual gynecologist exam (well woman exam), for instance, will first include a routine exam/medical history such as your weight, height and blood pressure.  At this time, you will be able to bring up any concerns you may have.  Following this, the doctor will then exam the breasts for any lumps or irregularities by making gentle circular motions with his or her fingers and the pelvic area for signs of any irritation, infection or sores.  The doctor will then insert a lubricated speculum into the vagina to view the walls and cervix for any irregularities.  Lastly, the doctor will manually examine the reproductive organs by physically feeling the internal reproductive organs to check the size, shape and the position of the uterus.  This process can also help check for swelling and any tenderness.  An annual gynecologist exam, just like a physical, should be done every year.

Pregnancy doctor visits, depending on how far along you are, will include checking your weight, blood pressure and urine, followed by measuring your abdomen, checking the baby’s position and closely monitoring any complications you may have.   Throughout the weeks, blood tests and ultrasounds, which are usually performed with another professional and/or location, will be necessary.

What are the extra costs?

Every additional procedure performed during a visit to the OB-GYN can add to the total cost.   For example, pregnancy tests and human chorionic gonadotropin can cost anywhere from $25 to $50.   Other tests such as blood work and glucose checks can be additional as well, sometimes adding another $50 to $150 to the total.  There are many procedures and/or tests that can be done during a typical visit depending on your condition.

If the visit is due to a pregnancy, the OB/GYN will ask that the patient comes in every few weeks, but toward the end of the pregnancy, a weekly visit may be necessary.  The total costs of the OB/GYN, not including the hospital delivery, can be upwards of $3,000.

How can I save money?

To save on your OB-GYN visit, you may want to check with your insurance provider on whether the OB-GYN services will be covered by your plan.  There will be times that a fee for recurring visits may not even be required since the insurance will pay for it.  If you do not have health insurance, consider eHealthInsurance to get health insurance quotes for free.

If you pay cash up front, consider asking for some sort of discount.  Many doctors are more than happy to offer a discount to those that can pay up front or even set up a payment plan for those who can’t afford it.

For those who meet a minimum income requirement, you may be able to qualify for state aid through Planned Parenthood.

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