How Much Does an On-Demand Water Heater Cost?

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Known as a demand-type, tankless water heater, or instantaneous water heater, you can take advantage of hot water only as it is required.  One good thing – or perhaps, the best thing – about the on demand hot water heater is that it does not generate power losses, unlike the typical storage water heater does.  Therefore, you can substantially save on your energy bill.  Traditional water heaters will have a tank in which water is continually kept hot.  This allows the used to turn on the faucet and have hot water at any time.  However, this also uses a lot of energy since the water heater is running constantly throughout the day.  An on-demand water heater will heat the water as you use it, but will not store any hot water in a tank.  While this method may take a little longer for the water to heat up, there are many advantages to this system as well.

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