How Much Does a Pet Jellyfish Cost?

Jellyfish, also known as “Sea Jellies” or “Jellies,” are commonly found in every ocean around the world.  While some species can be found in fresh water, most tend to hang around the surface of the ocean waters.  Jellyfish can grow up to 25mm in diameter.  Although they are often displayed in aquariums around the world, a jellyfish can also be kept as a pet.  The cost of a jellyfish will depend upon the species, the breeder selling it, as well as other factors.

How much is it?

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Average Reported Cost: $27.5

  1. Chrissy (San Francisco,CA) paid $55 and said:

    It was well worth my money, especially because Jellyfish Art makes it really easy — they have instructional YouTube videos, and customer service is really great and always available either by phone or email if I have issues.

    As for extra costs, I bought a Desktop Tank from Jellyfish Art for $249. It included everything I needed to get started. I just had to plug in the tank, add water / live rock, and acclimate my jellyfish (which I learned how to do from their Youtube videos).

  2. bob (hollywood,america ) paid $0 and said:

    it was not worth the price 😮

    Was it worth it: No

  3. Leo paid $ and said:

    I haven’t even bought a jellyfish, but I’ve been strongly considering buying one. This list made me laugh though.

    “While optional, it may be ideal to purchase a snail or smaller hermit crab to clean up after the jellyfish. They can eat algae as well as leftover food and other debris left behind.”

    Just letting you know that jellyfish eat crustaceans. Crabs (even hermit crabs) ARE crustaceans. So, don’t do that unless you want to give your jellyfish a snack.

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