How Much Does Picture Framing Cost?

Picture framing is a process done to a photo, piece of art, or important document to display, preserve, and protect it.  Pictures frames come in all different shapes, sized, and style.  Some can hold multiple pictures while others only hold one; some may come in one of the standard sizes while others can be special ordered to your specific measurements; and some may be meant to hang on the wall while other were meant to stand on a shelf.  There are also digital picture frames which allow you to store 20-100 or even more pictures.  The digital frame will play a repeating slide show of your pictures as long as the frame is on.  Most framing jobs can be done by simply buying a frame at the store and inserting the picture.  However, there are times when you may have a special picture that you want to make look as nice as possible.  There are framing services that can do the job for you, making it look professional and perfect.

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