How Much Does a Pocket Watch Cost?

A pocket watch is one of the many types of timepieces, which are used to tell the time of day.  Timepieces that are well made are known to last a very long time.  There are antique watches and timepieces that have been around for centuries and can still accurately tell time.  The pocket watch is a timepiece that is meant to be carried in one’s pocket.  It comes with some type of chain or strap that is then connected to a button, belt, or other part of the clothing.  This is to prevent the pocket watch from being dropped when it is pulled out and placed back in the pocket.  Perhaps the most common pocket watches were those that were developed  in the early years of the 16th century.  Gold chains and other adornments are usually found with this watch to give it an elegance that typical wristwatches do not have.


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