How Much Does a Porta Potty Cost?

Porta Potties or porta toilets are temporary portable toilets that can be used for any outdoor activity.  This includes conventions, special events, concerts, or any large gathering.  The purpose of renting a porta potty is so that the guests will have somewhere to use the rest room in cases where there is no building that offers one.  A porta potty is a simple enclosure equipped with a chemical toilet and made of lightweight molded plastic which is very durable and convenient. Some cities require porta potty rentals when construction is done on your home.  You will also see them at public places such as parks or on trails in your city.

When choosing the type of porta potty for your occasion, think of the size and functionality to address all the guests’ needs.  If you need large orders, it will be wise to place your reservations in advance to guarantee that you have everything in place for your event.


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