How Much Does a Power Steering Belt Cost?

A power steering belt is the part of a car that makes steering almost effortless.  Driving a car is done by almost everyone every single day.  People drive so much that it almost becomes like second nature.  The reason that driving is done so easily, however, is because of the way the cars are made.  One of the foremost pieces of equipment that will certainly help in the process of driving is the use of the power steering belt.  Augmenting the effort to bring about easy movement, the steering belt will certainly make your job much easier.  The power steering belt, however, assists more than just the power steering.  The belts in your car’s engine are oftentimes connected to more than one system.  Depending on the model of your car, the power steering belt may also control the air condition system, water pump, alternator, or compressor.  This makes the belt even more important, and it is necessary to replace it immediately if if break or comes out of place.

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  1. Christine paid $ and said:

    We are from Springfield Illinois. My 19 year old Niece and 17 year old daughter went down to check out the college in Stillwater, OK. The timing belt on my daughters 2005 Nissan Altima broke on Saturday Morning. They called the auto and truck repair shop down the road
    Sooner Corner Repair Center
    Exit 185 on I-35
    3107 1/2 West Highway 77
    Perry, OK
    . Though it shouldn’t have taken more than an hour to fix, it took two days. The mechanic said a bolt sheered off in the block he did not say he did it trying to loosen it. He claimed he had to pull the block to remove the broken bolt. I would have just removed the passenger front tire and the molding to get to it. He charged $92/hr plus the part $24.00 I believe. He claimed it took him an extra hour to remove the bolt????????? I am not so talented that I could remove the block and put it back in in an hour but then again I am a machinist and a backyard mechanic and a female, so maybe a great mechanic could. but then it shouldn’t take a great mechanic 2 1/2 hour to change the belt. He also told me that they weren’t supposed to be working on cars on the weekend he was just doing the kids a favor. They advertise 24/7 service on their web page. I believe he took advantage of the young girls and myself being a parent to far away to do anything about the situation except pay for the repair with a credit card over the phone

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