How Much Do Pretzels Cost?

Pretzels are probably one of the most common snacks that people enjoy.  Pretzels are popular because they are so convenient and easy to eat, and they provide that salty crunch that people are looking for in a snack.  Also, most pretzels provide a healthier option to chips.  Pretzels come in many different forms.  If you are looking for hard pretzels, these can be purchased in your store’s chip aisle.  Pretzels can come in thick rods, small sticks, the traditional pretzel shape, braids, and other fun shapes.  All of these pretzels can be found with or without salt.  If you are looking for a soft pretzel, you can find these in the freezer section, mall, or at a concession stand at any type of event.  Finally, there are candied pretzels.  These may be covered with different types of chocolate and can come in many shapes and varieties.


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