How Much Does a Puff Pastry Cost?

A puff pastry is a light, flaky laminated dough that contains thin layers of butter in solid state at 20oC.   In raw form, a puff pastry is a dough filled with butter and folded repeatedly and rolled out, which then puffs into light, crispy pastry once it bakes in the oven.  As the dough bakes, the solid butter melts and creates little puff of air when the liquid in the butter begins to disperse, consequently allowing the layers to become light and airy.

Making a puff pastry is a simple process of wrapping a block of butter in simple dough, and repeatedly rolling it out and folding it over several times, increasing the number of layers with each fold.  You only need to have enough patience to do it because the process is time-consuming and you have to make sure that the butter does not become too soft to squish out from those layers.  Or, if you want to save yourself the time and trouble, you can simply purchase some at your local bakery or grocery store.


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