How Much Does Rack and Pinion Repair Cost?

You always desire the best performance from your car.  In order to achieve this, proper use and regular maintenance is key.  All parts of your vehicle perform a specific and unique function; when one of the parts fails, it signals immediate repair.

The rack and pinion, which is a part of the power steering, may fail after few years of use.  If you sense that the steering is not as good as it was before, there may be a leak in the rack and pinion.  This is the time to go get it checked out.

How much is the typical rack and pinion replacement cost?

What are the extra costs?

What is going to be included?

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  1. Phuong Nguyen paid $ and Said,

    I spent this job at Firestone complete auto care on6/30/2012 were : 983.58 as below :
    Rack & pinion Part : 350.00
    Labor : 342.00
    Alignment : 79.99
    Clear n adjust rear drum brake : 24.99
    suspension n steering : 78.32
    Shop supplies : 25.00
    Tax : 83.28
    When I asked the manager about the part’s price due to I searched on Autozone it price was 222.00 He answered that is his business, he has to make money on the part like if I buy something in Walmart I don’t know how much they bought. That is secret. I don’t know does he right.

  2. Mrslady rae paid $ and Said,

    This cost is for the rack and pinon only, waiting to find out if I have to pay for an alignment.

  3. Matt T paid $ and Said,

    Like Phuong mentioned above, I paid around $400 in labor alone for my Cavalier. Thankfully I found this site and didn’t feel as ripped off. My total came to: $655.

  4. frankie (corona,ca) paid $ and Said,

    140 for rack & pinion paid a mechanic that works on his own charged me 140 alignment 55 not bad compared to almost 1000

    Was it worth it: Yes

  5. Siva paid $ and Said,

    Honda odyssey at the dealership.

    Included the alignment and power steering pump.

  6. Roland paid $ and Said,

    2000 Chrysler Concorde w/flush and alignment

  7. Rick paid $ and Said,

    Included an alignment, parts, and labor.

  8. bob paid $ and Said,

    2000 mustang rack n pinion .. alignment.poeer steer pump. Mobil gas staion

  9. Allison Brunson paid $ and Said,

    Every time I turned the wheel it would make a grinding noise first they replace the power steering pump and the hose but it still marketing the noise so I took back up to the shop and they found out they need to replace racket and puoion so I ended paying about $1,000.00 for everything

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