How Much Does a Ribeye Steak Cost?

Steak is considered as one of the finest meals a person can have.  It is even treated with respect while it is being cooked; the chefs that cook or grill the steaks pay constant attention to them, turning them and the precise moment to lock in the taste and retain the juicyness.  There are several cuts of beef that can be made into steak, but not all of the parts can be made into one since some part of the beef are too tough.  Ribeye steak is probably is considered by most to be the best steak cut that can be obtained from a cow since it is tender and juicy.  Ribeye steaks are often obtained from the rib section of the beef that spans from ribs number six through twelve.

How much is it?

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  1. Dale (Hammond,  Louisiana) paid $ and said:

    I bought the whole cut of rib eye meat for $44.89 and cut 22/10oz. Steaks from it was a Kabayoresky cut off meat. Purchased at my local Salvage Store.

    Was it worth it? : Yes

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