How Much Does a Rotisserie Chicken Cost?

Rotisserie chicken is almost like a staple food in every American household because it makes preparing for dinner so much more convenient.  Grocery stores to member-only club stores sell these skewered birds roasted in rotating rows that are not only delicious but also inexpensive.  Even leftovers can be utilized for other recipes such as enchiladas to soups, pastas and chicken stock.

A rotisserie chicken weighs 2 1/2-pounds on the average and is well-liked for its crisped, golden brown skin where majority of its flavor is based.  Companies claim they will cook fresh and slow-roasted chickens throughout the day so they remain tender on the inside and are always crisp on the outside.  There are some concerns, however, on the nutrition factor of its ingredients especially the high level of salt content used in the brining procedure.  Aside from that, many people love to have rotisserie chickens as an option for a quick and inexpensive dinner.


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