How Much Does a Rowing Machine Cost?

A rowing machine is one of the many pieces of workout equipment that you may see in a gym.  If you ask any fitness trainer,  they may tell you that the machine that will give you the best total body workout would have to be the rowing machine.

This low impact cardiovascular workout machine will not strain your joints and muscles, making it an ideal choice for those with knee and joint problems.  As a matter of fact, the rowing machine will define the muscles in your upper and lower extremities.  While toning these muscles, it will also help you lose weight by burning calories since it provides cardio as well.  It is also a good device recommended by physical therapy clinics.  While providing a great low-impact workout and helping you to lose weight, the rowing machine will also help you increase your physical stamina and endurance.

row till you can’t by brand0con, on Flickr
row till you can’t” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  brand0con

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