How Much Do Shar Pei Puppies Cost?

Shar Pei puppies are well known for their distinctive features of having deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue.  The shar pei, which comes from China, is not as common of a breed as most dogs.  This breed of dog also has a muzzle shaped like that of a pig.  Most dogs are known to be protective of their owners, and this is also true for this breed of puppies.  The shar pei was originally bred to be a guard dog, and therefore these puppies will be very suspicious of strangers.  The shar pei comes in two different varieties; the main difference between the two is the number of wrinkles each has in its body.

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  1. Brandi paid $ and said:

    I love my dog, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Sharpei are very sweet and loyal, but they have a lot of problems. Duke is smart and potty trained and loves me. Nothing gets better. It was so worth it.

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