How Much Does a Shiloh Shepherd Cost?

The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed of dog that looks very similar to a German Shepherd.  The Shiloh Shepherd is also like the German Shepherd in its temperament, abilities, and energy.  People that have an active lifestyle often choose a breed of dog that can keep up with them.   Some types of dogs are bred to be a companion and are mostly indoor dogs, while other dogs, like the Shiloh Shepherd, are active dogs who love the outdoors.  They are perfect for people who like to be outside and like to exercise.  The Shiloh Shepherd is very intelligent, courageous and very self confident.  They are also perfect for families since they are very loyal, which is the foundation of having a perfect relationship with a pet.

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  1. Sophie (Dewitt,  Iowa) paid $$0.00 and said:

    My Shiloh was a rescue, adopted free of charge. By far the best dog I’ve ever owned.

    Was it worth it? : Yes

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