How Much Does Shoulder Surgery Cost?

Shoulder surgery may be performed for a variety of reasons and treated in many different ways.  There are several scenarios in which our shoulders can be injured; this includes dislocation, shoulder separation, tendinitis, SLAP lesion, and others. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatments may include immobilization, therapy, and even surgery.  Shoulder surgery is commonly performed to more complicated injuries such as a rotator cuff tear and shoulder dislocation.  The surgical procedures performed depend on the type of injury the patient has suffered.

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Average Price for Users : $20

  1. Kelly Albrecht (Pekin,Illinois ) paid $20,000 and Said,

    Small hospital, not that complicated of a procedure, pretty shocked at the price. Had debridement, general cleaning up of synovitis in shoulder, attempted biceps tenodesis but the anchor broke (!) so I ended up with an unplanned biceps tenotomy.

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