How Much Does Sirius Satellite Radio Cost?

Sirius Satellite Radio operates in North America and today, they are known as “Sirius XM Radio.”  Satellite radio is an electronic device that receives analogue or digital radio signals from one or more satellites.  Satellite radios can reach a wider geographical location since they do not depend on terrestrial radio towers.  Satellite radio is usually provided by commercial ventures and is on a subscription basis.  Sirius is a satellite radio service whose headquarters is in New York City, having extended its arms to Los Angeles and Memphis.  The satellite radio service was launched in 2002 and at the time, it was delivering 69 channels of music and a total of 65 streams of news, entertainment and sports to its listeners.  Today, however, Sirius offers over 150 channels plus internet streaming.  This means that you can listen to the channels through your PC, tablet, or smart phone.  This feature makes listening to satellite radio much more convenient, but with this convenience comes a price.

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