How Much Does Skin Removal Surgery Cost?

Skin removal is the process of removing excess skin after a great amount of weight is lost.  Our skin is very flexible and it becomes proportionate to the size of the body.  When a person gains weight, the skin stretches to fit all the mass.  However, when a person loses weight after gaining hundreds of pounds worth of body mass, the skin is left sagging.  This scenario is pretty common, especially for people who have undergone a gastric bypass procedure.

A gastric bypass is sort of a last resort for people who seemed to have no hope of losing weight.  People who get this surgery are those who suffer from obesity; once they shed off the excess fat, sagging skin is left.  Another case where skin would eventually sag is when a person gets older or after a pregnancy.  Fortunately, procedures such as skin removal surgery are possible to make sure that the skin is tightened once again.

How much does skin removal surgery cost?

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  1. Ralph Bennett (Grand Prairie,  Texas) paid $ and said:

    I paid only $100.oo and the service was great and I have been skin tag free for over 10 years.

    Was it worth it? : Yes

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