How Much Does a Sleep Study Cost?

A sleep study is something that is done to determine the cause of a person’s sleep issues.  Because our bodies are so vulnerable when we sleep, there are a lot of things that can wrong without us even knowing it.  The stages of sleep are separated into two main categories: REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM.  These stages are number and are usually cycled through a few times per night.  There are different types of things that can go wrong while we sleep, and in order to find out what the problem is, in which cycle it is occurring, and a solution to the problem, a sleep study may need to be performed.  If there is an issue during sleep, a person may be tired throughout the day even if they got 8-10 hours of sleep.  The reason for this may be that the person never enters the deep stages of sleep.  Another symptom one may experience is waking multiple times throughout the night.  This will also result in fatigue throughout the day.

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