How Much Does Soda Blasting Cost?

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Soda blasting is one of the many processes used to clean things outside.  Cleaning large structures can be hard because of our size, and therefore a new way was needed to clean things such as statues or buildings.  There is a process called power washing in which water is blasted through a nozzle onto a surface.  This is easier for people to perform because it only involves holding and aiming a hose rather than scrubbing or scraping the surface by hand.  Soda blasting is a type of power washing that includes the use of sodium bicarbonate.  In addition to the high power of the water, which is able to blast off most dirt and residue, the sodium bicarbonate can help rid the surface of tough stains.  This method is so effective that one of its earliest uses was to clean the Statue of Liberty.  Other applications of soda blasting include paint stripping, graffiti removal, auto restoration, and rust removal.

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