How Much Does Strabismus Surgery Cost?

Strabismus is one of the most common eye problems that is commonly addressed with surgery.  What exactly is strabismus?  It is a condition where the eyes’ visual axes are not parallel and they appear to be looking in different directions.  When this happens, each eye focuses on something different.  Both of these images are then sent to the brain, which confuses the brain.  In children, this can greatly affect development.  Through strabismus surgery, this condition can be treated and there is a greater chance, especially among children to achieve better vision.  As such, if strabismus surgery is done as early as possible, quality of vision and quality of life can also be greatly improved.  Many people confuse strabismus with a lazy eye, but they are not the same thing.  Put very simply, strabismus is like a case of crossed wires where a lazy eye is like a case of a detached wire.

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  1. Deepak Acharya paid $ and said:

    Actually I am a student from asian country Nepal.I have a little problem of strabismus so, i want to treat my eye. I have not too much money so I would pay 1000 Euro.

  2. Casey paid $ and said:

    Children’s Mercy in Kansas city Missouri 2014. Eyes were fixed for under a month before they returned to cross state.

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