How Much Does a Strep Test Cost?

A strep test may be ordered by your doctor if you display the symptoms of strep throat.  In order to find out whether there is the presence of streptococcus bacteria in your throat, the throat will be swabbed for saliva which is then tested for the bacteria.  This way, your doctor will be able to diagnose your condition properly if test shows that you do have strep, you will likely be required to take some medication like antibiotics.  So if you suspect that you have strep on your throat, better see your doctor immediately to avoid worsening your condition.  While having the test administered the test in a doctor’s office is the most accurate way to perform a strep test, there are kits that you can purchase at local pharmacies which you can use to perform the test at home.  The prices of these two are going to greatly differ from one another.

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