How Much Does Subfloor Repair Cost?

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A subfloor is the additional layer beneath the actual floor and is placed across the floor joists.  At some point in the life span of your home, it is inevitable to discover some rotted sections of the subfloor, especially in areas that are constantly exposed to water or moisture.  While this can happen in a few different areas, the subfloor is the most common.  This is most often seen in bathrooms, but it can happen anywhere throughout the home.

A subfloor is the base surface for the main floor of your home, which is useful when you install under-floor heating system.  It is usually made of at least two layers of composite sheeting or plywood.  Repairing a rotted subfloor is quite easy if you have the skill or passion to do it.  But, if you do not have patience for it, there are always handymen or contractors who can do the job for you.


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