How Much Do Tanning Bed Bulbs Cost?

A tanning bed lamp is a vital component to achieving that exact shade you want for your summer look.  Many people in the modern times are so engrossed with beauty enhancement products that they try anything under the sun just to achieve that “perfection” in their physical appearance.

But because not all light-skinned races have the privilege to get natural tanning from the sun due to geographical location, many submit themselves to an artificial or cosmetic tanning solution.  Americans call it a tanning bed, while the English people refer to it as a sunbed.  No matter what they call it, such device releases 97% ultraviolet A (UVA) and more or less 3% ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation to produce a superficial tan.

For those that own a tanning bed, there is going to be one thing that goes bad over time and that is the bulb.  The cost is going to depend the number of lamps and wattage.


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