How Much Does a Tattoo Gun Cost?

A tattoo gun is a hand-held device used to create a permanent mark on the skin using indelible ink.  If you are going to be a tattoo artist, learning how to use a tattoo gun is vital.  No matter what tattoo shop you enter, you will see some model of tattoo gun.  Modern tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils to move an armature bar up and down.  There are quite a number of tattoo machines, but liners and shaders are the most common machines from a technical stand point.  Liners will be used to draw the outline or small wording of a tattoo, while a shader will be used to fill in the outline with different colors.  The make and model that you choose will depend on personal preference since each type will feel and perform a little differently.  The cost of each model will be similar, but there are some that cost slightly more than the rest.


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