How Much Does the TDaP Vaccine Cost?

The TDaP vaccine is actually a combination of vaccines which are used to prevent three types of illnesses including tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis.  This vaccine was recently approved for use and has now been included in the normal vaccine schedule for adolescents.  Although TDaP is mainly used to prevent illnesses, it should be noted that there are possible side effects that can occur upon intake of the vaccination.  The TDaP vaccine is provided by several clinics and they can offer the vaccination at different prices.  The location where the vaccine will be administered can also have an impact on the pricing of the vaccine.

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  1. James Mason paid $ and Said,

    Blue Book and CDC qoutes at $30 t0 90 dollars but Carolinas Physicians Network charged $140.00 plus $36.00 to administer the shot.Insurance refused to pay, so I get sce__d.
    I am retired and this is absorbant

  2. Lora (Richmond ,Va) paid $$100 and Said,

    Office visit to walk-in clinic was $235.

    $100 they said was the flat rate for the tdap injection. Side effects are not just pain in injection site but stiffness and immobility of muscles – upper traps, deltoid, shoulder blade and rhomboid of the same side.

    This report is 2 days after office visit.

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