How Much Does it Cost to Transplant a Tree?

Transplanting a tree from one spot to another can be needed for many reasons.  Maybe you spend a lot of time and energy on your landscaping and are now having to move.  That favorite tree or shrub can be taken with you if you want it to.  If you are adding on to your home or making any renovations that are going to change the landscaping, a tree may need to be moved.  Or maybe you planted a tree that is growing much larger than you anticipated and it is too large for its current location.  No matter the reason, transplanting a tree can be a rewarding task, especially if it results in the tree’s chances for survival.  Once moved, a tree may be able to flourish in its brand new environment.  There are a few different reasons why you may need to transplant a tree.  People can either transplant a tree themselves or enlist the services of a company who will be able to perform the maneuverings for you, which is highly recommended if the tree is large or old.


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