How Much Does Voice Over Talent Cost?

A voice over is a person who speaks in a film, commercial or documentary as a voice off -camera.  Voice overs are trained in pronunciation, inflection, and other important aspects of speaking.  If you do not want to use your own voice for your upcoming commercial or documentary, you may have to hire a professional voice over artist to make your piece sound professional.

How much is it?

Type of JobPrice Range
Audiobooks$250-$500 per hour
Corporate Videos$50-$100 per minute
Cartoon Voices$200-$500 per hour
Educational Videos$200-$500 per hour
Movie Trailers$300-$600 per 60 seconds
Narration$50-$100 per minute; $2,000 per 60 minutes
Podcasts$200 to $400 per hour
Telephone System$100-$200 per minute; $1,500 per 60 minutes
TV Commercial$150 to $800 per 60 seconds
Video Games$100-$200 per minute; up to $2,000 per 60 minutes

What is going to be included?

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